Trade show tips

1. First impression

You can't find a blog post about trade show tips without finding a "first impression" rule as well. First impression rule is a foundation of your every day life, whether you are meeting a new person, or you are being interviewed for a new job. Put your smart phone away for the time of trade show and put a big smile on your face. Look for an eye contact and try to greet visitors that are passing by.


 2. Marketing Strategy

Yes, there are fist full of companies that can afford jumbo bill boards before each trade show, but this does not mean that you can't do anything else. There are numerous ways that you can reach your potential customers, such as:

Social media hashtags

Every trade show event has their own hashtag which you can use when posting your own content on the social media platform. Don't forget to use other hashtags as well, because this is a great way where people with similar interests can find you.

Social media ads

You can use facebook ads to advertise on facebook and instagram at the same time. Use some filters when setting ads targeting and you are golden. For starters the one you should definitely use is location based ads targeting, where you can set it to only target people who are in the city that the trade show is currently going on, or you can be even more specific and set the location on the different parts of the city.

Promo Girls

Hiring promo girls to share flyers is another way, how you can spread the word or interest about your booth and company.

 3. Trade booth or as I like to call it "home".

Your trade booth is your home, remember that! Invite potential customers to sit and offer them some coffee or maybe some snacks. Make them feel like they are really welcome as they should be. Once you break the ice, everything can happen.

 Do you have a tip of your own? Please share it with us!